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Entry Fee's

Street Legal Day -
                $40 Race
                $10 Spectator

Bracket Weekend -
Quick 16              $120
Super Series       $100
Super Pro            $80
Pro ET                  $70
Sportsmen           $50
Trophy                 $40
Trophy Street      $40
Motorcycles         $50
Test & Tune         $60
JR Dragster         $25
Jackpot                $80

Spectator (for Bracket Weekend) -
Adult 15+            $10
8 - 14                  $5
7 and under        Free

Top End Dragways' Rerun Policy

Due to our location we experience many windy days, that combined with the many tree's on the grounds we experience situations were we must rerun two competitors in order to show a clear winner

A usual symptom of debris threw a sensor causing a incorrect reading is a very high MPH along with a drastic breakout. The reason for this is the 1254' block (second to last) is the one that triggers the timer for calculating MPH to start. The 1320' block (last one) is the sensor that stops BOTH the MPH timer and the ET timer. Therefore in order to stop the clock fast enough to show say 350MPH, the ET timer must also be stopped at the same time. For example, a competitor dialed 10.00 and running 115MPH would end up with a time slip showing 9.5x at 350MPH. In this instance a rerun would be declared.

In order to declare a rerun, there must be a very significant ET breakout and/or MPH difference, a racer breaking out by a few hundredths and going 1-2 MPH faster does not constitute a rerun.

Final decisions regarding reruns fall on Charlie McCann, in a situation were Charlie is not available, the decision will fall upon Dale Anderson (Head Starter)

When a rerun is called for, the racers must rerun in the same lanes they made the original runs in. However, they are allowed to change there dial-ins if they wish to.

There are a few situations that can override a rerun, those situations are -

  • Racer who's side was correctly timed shows a better over all package then his/her's opponent's reaction time, they will be declared the winner.
            Example, Racer A has a reaction time of .004 and runs a 9.514 on a 9.51 dial giving them a .008         over all package. Racer B has a reaction time of .020, regardless of where he/she runs in         comparison to there dial, the absolute minimum package he/she could have is .020 which is         worse then racer A's total package.

  • Red Light - Regardless of one and/or both drivers having incorrect timings, if one of the racers has a red light his/her opponent is declared the winner. In the case of a dual red, Real Red is in effect and the racer with the less red light will be declared the winner.