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Entry Fee's

Street Legal Day -
                $40 Race
                $10 Spectator

Bracket Weekend -
Quick 16              $120
Super Series       $100
Super Pro            $80
Pro ET                  $70
Sportsmen           $50
Trophy                 $40
Trophy Street      $40
Motorcycles         $50
Test & Tune         $60
JR Dragster         $25
Jackpot                $80

Spectator (for Bracket Weekend) -
Adult 15+            $10
8 - 14                  $5
7 and under        Free

ET and MPH Safety Breaks

Each class requires what's listed under it as well as everything required for slower classes.
These are a summary, reference the 2015 NHRA rule book for exact rules and regulations.

Car -

14.00 and Up
Catch Can (Coolant Overflow)
Seat Belts
Neutral Safety Switch
Battery Tie down


Driveline Loop
Helmet (Min Snell 2010)


Roll Bar (Convertibles)

Arm Restraints (Open Cars)

Protective Clothing
Roll Bar (T-Tops & Hard Tops)
Flywheel (SFI)

Clutch (SFI)

Valve Stems (Steel)

Bell housing (SFI)

Seat Belts (SFI)



Trans Shield

Axles (Aftermarket)

Harmonic Balancer (SFI)

Roll Cage (Convertibles)
SFI Approved Window Net (Convertibles)



Gloves (SFI)

Flexplate Shield

Electrical Cut Off

NHRA License

Neck Collar

NHRA Chassis Sticker

Roll Cage (All Cars)

SFI Approved Window Net (Convertibles)



Blower Restraints


General Rules

If battery is moved to trunk - Must have a marked master kill switch


135MPH - Regardless of ET, if MPH is 135 or over you need these.

Gloves (SFI)

Roll Cage
SFI Approved Window Net

Electrical Cut Off Switch

Neck Collar

Protective Clothing

Transhield (SFI)

Flexplate (SFI)

Flexplate Shield (SFI)

Master Cut Off

NHRA License

NHRA Chassis Sticker



All Bikes/Snowmobiles/ATV's
Snell2010 or 2015 Helmet
Leather Jacket
Leather Boots That Cover The Ankle

Leather Gloves
Chain Guard

License (NHRA)

120MPH & Faster
Leather Jacket (Unless Using SFI Approved 1 Piece Suit)

Leather Pants (Unless Using SFI Approved 1 Piece Suit)

         If using two piece suit, Pants MUST attach to jacket with a METAL 360 degree zip zipper.
Leather Gloves with Slide buttons
Leather Boots That Cover The Ankle