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Entry Fee's

Street Legal Days -
                $40 Race
                $10 Spectator

Bracket Weekend -
Quick 16              $120
Super Series       $100
Super Pro            $80
Pro ET                  $70
Sportsmen           $50
Trophy                 $40
Trophy Street      $40
Bikes/Sleds         $40
Test & Tune         $60
JR Dragster         $25
Jackpot                $80

Spectator (for Bracket Weekend) -
Adult 15+            $10
8 - 14                  $5
7 and under        Free

Quick 16 has been updated.
Also details on our new classes have been added.

Our new classes are Trophy Street and Super Series.

Full detail on the classes, entry, and payout can be found on the under the classes and payout tab.
Although these are the finalized rules for the classes, any issues found will be announced and updated as quickly as possible.
Below is a quick over view.

Trophy Street is very similar to our Trophy, however we have adjusted the ET to 13.00 and slower.
We are hoping to make this class more appealing to the first time racer with less intimidation and a more relaxed competition.

Super series will be a Pro light class.
Competitors competing against each other will run on there index (Comp = 8.90, Gas = 9.90, Street = 10.90) as well as the tree for there indexes (Comp and Gas = .400 Pro, Street = .500 Pro).
Super Series will be run on the Saturday of the first bracket weekend each month.
If successful we will make a full time class for our bracket weekends.

Changes to the Quick 16 - it will now be run 1/8th mile, Entry fee is now $120, Payout is now $1000 to winner, $500 runner up, $150 to semi-finalists.

Racers interested in competing for points this season, please visit the points tab above for information and the link to the required registration form.
Racers who do not register will NOT receive weekly points for points classes.

The tracks radio station is 107.3, you may need to turn the volume on your radio up as it broadcasts at a much lower volume then commercial radio stations.


For 2016, Division 5 will be continuing the Pit Vehicle registration program. All pit vehicles will be required to register and get a serialized sticker which must be displayed on the vehicle. This pass is good at any Division 5 track. Please visit the Track Forms page here for more information.

Here is a link to the Division 5 web site with more details as well - Division V

Click Here for ET and MPH Safety Breaks



Any questions regarding the track, please contact the office.
Track Info Line/Office - (218) 236-9461
or Email - info@topenddragways.com


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